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Bible Fellowships at twin city

About Bible 

Twin City Bible Fellowships are reflective of a traditional Sunday school class. We call them fellowships because we recognize that the church lives and grows in community. We encourage you to connect to a fellowship so you can be encouraged in your personal faith walk.


Develop a solid Christian worldview

This is a fellowship dedicated to developing a solid Christian worldview through the careful study of the Word of God. This class is especially ideal for someone with a solid Christian foundation looking to practically apply the Word of God to the world around them.


Truth Seekers Fellowship

Study verse by verse

This is a Fellowship dedicated to carefully studying the Word of God one verse at a time. This class is ideal for new Christians who are seeking to understand the basic elemental principles of the faith, as well as for older believers who are looking to study the Word of God more fully.

Young Families Class

Share in life and grow in Christ

Discussion based class for young couples and families focused on strengthening ones faith and walk in Christ. 

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